Künstlerabend – Interactive Video Projection

DIY Large Scale Video Projection.

For a very big school event (more than 600 attendees) we realized a large scale projection on to two surfaces using only standart beamers and networking techniques. One high end Mac Book Pro Retina was used as the Media Play Out Server feeding a total of 3 beamers, each with a 720p feed via VGA and HDMI. To avoid interference problems with cheap out of the box cables (VGA and HDMI) a gigabit network was set up and used to remote control Resolume Arena 4 from the FH booth more than 25m away. Each beamer was also integrated into the network to ensure full control even during the show and even though we used cheap education projectors. Audio was sent via standart XLR. Using an SMPTE feed we were also able to sync the Light Controller. Motion Graphics were mainly custom designed for the “Harry Potter Theme” and created along with other content in After Effects, Cinema 4D and Final Cut Pro X.