expo Navigation

State of the Art trade fair solutions

During my time as a Digital Designer at Munich based international booth agency meplan I was responsible for parts of the UI Design of the expo Navigation iOS and Android Apps as well as the full iPad UI and the Android L Material Design style guide. Furthermore I was involved in creating their marketing material including their website, artwork, mockups. The website makes heavy use of WPML, wordpress and a custom theme. During the process of designing an appealing package for trade fairs I also created a php cms for the easy set up process of the included landing pages.
Link: www.expo-navigation.de


iPad UI/UX

Due to a high demand it was decided to create an iPad app as well. I designed all the UI based on the idea that most elements of the iPhone apps should be reused by the developers to save time and meet a tight deadline.


Web Content

I designed and customized the new website showcasing the relaunched products in a state of the art and modern way. The website is fully responsive, features custom Artwork and is based on WordPress and WPML.


Material Design Style Guide

Google decided to announce the new Android L and Material Design standards right before we launched so I created the full switch over documentation for the developers. This allows them to start as soon as there are enough resources. I went through the material design style guide, implemented new animations, suggested layout changes and overall aesthetic changes.